torsdag den 6. november 2008

Poor Exit *SSS*

I spend my time in the evenings sewing things for dogs. New collars with their name on, and now new fine coats to keep them warm in winter, in between training sessions and when we are at competitions.

Exit hates it. I have to messure him to see if the size is right. but he looks like he´s been beaten, when I try. Pei pei, Crazy and Windy are used to me doing strange things to them. Pascha thinks I want to play.

I just hope Exit and Pascha will like their new coats when I´m done.

Pictures will follow :-)

2 kommentarer:

Johanna sagde ...

Soda wants a pink princess coat for Christmas :o)

Unknown sagde ...

McGee er lige modsat af Hans brormand. Han elsker at blive nusset, børstet og kravler næsten selv i selerne. Overvejer at købe en overcoat i morgen. Skal til DKK udstilling dog uden McGee